Saturday, June 5, 2010

Zucchini Christmas Ornament Product Review from Trendy Tree Customer

Zucchini Christmas Ornament 

Upstate NY Lady
"Ah the zucchini. What would a Christmas tree be without one? Buy one quick or you'll find out as this ornament's retired. Great details and quality as always with Old World Christmas. Purchase with confidence from the fine folks at Trendy Tree."

Fruit and vegetable ornaments are great for decorating small trees in the kitchen or dining area. Use raffia for a more natural look to tie the ornaments on to your tree, wreath or centerpieces. Some fruit and vegetable ornaments can be used as "picks" in centerpieces or wreaths by slipping the crown off, inserting a stem made of pipe cleaners, etc to give the position most suitable for the decoration.

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