Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pirate Themed Christmas Ornament

**Introduced 2009**
Pirate ship measures approximately 3 3/4", made of mouth blown, hand painted glass.
Collect the Treasure Chest, Pirate, Pirate Captain, Jolly Roger Flag for a stunning collection. Arrrrrghhhhhhh!

What child hasn't dreamed of living the swashbuckling life of a pirate, sailing the seven seas in search of adventure and treasure? This beautiful glass Pirate Ship ornament, with its Jolly Roger Flag and full sails, evokes the romance and excitement of the pirate's life.

 The pirate flag was called The Jolly Roger. Best known with a dire black background, with the skull and crossed bones symbolizing death, the Jolly Roger Flag was intended to strike fear into the hearts of all who saw it. Great keepsake for Pirates of the Caribbean fans!

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