Friday, November 25, 2016

Baking Sweet Memories! View our Food & Beverage Collection

We all have them….those memories of Mom’s sugar cookies…..

or Grandma’s cherry pie……

or the time the your sister roasted the turkey and it burned!

Unique Christmas ornaments that depict these special memories can be enjoyed year to year. Gift someone with a Christmas ornament that keeps that memory alive…..and get one for yourself too!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Christmas Ornaments Make Great Halloween Goodies for Trick or Treat!

A perfect time to give those special kids goodies at Halloween is present them with a keepsake ornament. Something that frames the memory of that Halloween for years to come.

The 10179 Princess ornament from Old World Christmas, is just perfect for our own little “Belle.”

The Princess ornament comes in three different colors and the hang tag reads: “Once upon a time……” and “they lived happily ever after……” are thrilling and familiar phrases in fairy tales. Kings, queens, princes and princesses inhabit these enchanting stories. What imaginative little girl hasn’t dreamed of being a Princess herself? Honor dreams with this special keepsake.

If you have a “tiger” in your backyard jungle, your choices of a matching ornament are even greater! 

This full body Tiger  comes from Old World Christmas. This ornament has been very popular and available for a few years now. The SKU number is 12115 and it measures about 5.” It also is made of mouth blown, hand painted glass.
The hang tag on the 12115 Tiger ornament reads: Tigers embody grace, beauty, and power, and are able to move silently through the brush. Since Tigers can see in the dark, they also signify illumination. In the Chinese zodiac, Tigers are generous, courageous, enthusiastic, and lucky risk-takers.

You might also find a monkey in your backyard! Old World Christmas has an adorable Chimpanzee ornament, 12112, scratching it’s head and holding a banana.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Blackberry Christmas Ornament

Picking blackberries.....not I'm not talking about electronic devices here))) I still help out my daughter and son in law with their website businesses, Trendy Tree and Trendy Ornaments and this adorable new Blackberry Christmas ornament just came in the other day and immediately it brought back thoughts of blackberry picking with my grandmother, who we called Mama.

28113 Old World Christmas Blackberry Ornament

Blackberry picking was also done on a hot sunny day and since we would be walking in brambles and bushes, we always had to wear jeans and long sleeved as know it was hot.

Picking blackberries with Mama always mean she picked in her white water bucket and the rest of us picked and put our berries into a coffee can or syrup bucket, something like that. Only her berries when in the white water bucket. She would always take a hoe.....because there was always a high chance that you might step on a snake. Never did ....but the chance was always there. There was also a high chance that you would get stung by a wasp.....yes, that happened many times.

The worst thing about picking blackberries though.....was the chiggers.... Mama would warn us, wear long pants, socks, long sleeve shirts and if she had her way, we would all have to wear bonnets too. If you've never worn a bonnet in the hot sun, you cannot imagine how suffocating hot they are.....most of the time we tried to get out of the house quick enough to "leave the bonnets behind."

We would walk down through the pasture looking for good berry vines. They would always be flowing over fences or old downed trees having been struck by lightening through the years or just rotten down. If the vines didn't yield many berries, we would hop in my granddaddy's truck and he would drive us to someone else's pasture or fence line. You didn't necessarily stop by someone house and seek permission to go into their fields and pick some just did. Unless, they happened to be in the yard and you just wanted to be sociable I guess and stop and say hello. Most of the time we just went directly to where we could find good berries.

Pick only the berries that are nice and black, no red ones.....they aren't ripe. This was the instruction each time.....and don't eat them! Can't eat berries until they have been washed...... They surely looked clean enough to eat we ate them anyway. I'm sure she could tell, but she didn't fuss too much.

The very moment we were finished picking berries and arrived back home....we had to remove all our clothing and get into the bath tub...."to get rid of the chiggers."  This hardly seemed necessary, because our clothes would not be soiled except where we had wiped our berry eating fingers a time or too. But Mama would insist.....and not only that.....she would put some Clorox in the water!

Clorox or Purex was good for killing chiggers she insisted.  Being children, I supposed we protested because of the smell of the water, but it didn't matter we had to do it anyway. Once we were decked out in clean clothes we would help wash the berries over and over and try not to mash them too much.

Fresh blackberries always meant a cobbler would be cooked. The rest of the berries would go into little white freezer boxes or bags and into the "deep freeze" for another day.

Back to the would think you had safely made it that berry picking day without picking up any of the tiny little mites.....but first thing you know.....there would be a little itch at your ankles.....then maybe behind your knee......then maybe around your panty leg......OMG....if you've never had one or more than one chigger embedded into your skin, you cannot image the intense itching and scratching that will result.

Chiggers were a cruel trick that God placed on us all.....I mean think every creature should have a supreme and unique reason for it's creation.....but this one has alluded me. And just as a warning.....I don't care how bad, you think you need to go.......never, never. decide to drop your pants while blackberry picking even though you know you are hidden from the entire will live to regret it. blackberries are more tart than the blackberries you purchase at the grocery store. So if you're using an old recipe from your Mom or might want to cut back on the sugar a bit unless you picked those blackberries yourself.

My Mother used her Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook and I'm not sure if this is the recipe that she used for her Blackberry Cobbler but I wanted to share it with you.

My Grandmother's cobbler was always baked in the same round dented pan each time. Mother generally had a flair for making her cobblers pretty as well as tasty, so her's might be baked in a white casserole dish or something like that.....but they both were good)))

Blackberry Cobbler
"Cobble up" means to put together in a hurry according to Betty Crocker.
Mix together in saucepan                 3/4 cup sugar
                                                          1 tbsp, cornstarch
Stir in gradually                                1 cup boiling water 
Boil 1 min, stirring constantly
and then add                                      3 cups of blackberries with any juice they have with them
Dot with                                            1/2 tbsp. butter
Sprinkle with                                     1/4 tsp. cinnamon
Make dough to drop by spoonfuls onto fruit mixture. Mix 1 cup sifted plain flour, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder, 1/2 tsp salt 3 tbsp shortening (or butter) and 1/2 cup milk.   Note: if you are like me and use self rising flour, just leave off the sugar, baking powder and salt. Apparently self-rising flour wasn't as popular back in the 1950's as it is nowadays....or maybe it didn't exist.
Drop the mixture by spoonfuls onto your fruit mixture and bake in a moderately hot oven 400 degree for 30 min. Yields 6 servings.  *Calorie counts were not required of Betty Crocker in just don't even worry about it......enjoy the Cobbler!  Serve with vanilla ice cream if you really want to impress))
So back to the cute little Blackberry Christmas ornament......what a perfect little keepsake for someone you love. ornaments is so much more fun when you can associate it with a sweet memory from the, buy an ornament, try making a blackberry cobbler and if you're brave enough......take those kids or grand kids blackberry picking this summer......but surely, surely, there is something now that you can douse the kids in so they won't get chiggers!!

Don't forget your hoe! Be vigilant, be ready.....there could always be a snake.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

2016 Christmas Polar Bear - Best Seller

This new 2016 Christmas Polar Bear ornament is also a best seller from Old World Christmas 
12449 Christmas Polar Bear, measures approximately 3"
Adorable baby polar bear wearing a little red Santa hat. Perfect little keepsake gift for a little one's first Christmas 
Back View 
Side View

Friday, April 15, 2016

Yellow Submarine Christmas Ornament

This new 2016 ornament from Merck Family's Old World Christmas is sure to be a favorite of Beatles fans!

46058 Groovy Submarine

It measures about 4.25" and beautifully colored in bright yellow, blue and red. This is a 2016 bestseller from Old World Christmas also

Hang Tag:  Submarines were built and used during the American Civil War. They are used for a variety of non-military purposes including salvage missions, deep sea exploration, and marine exploration. Some submarines are able to remain underwater for several months at a time!

Rockin Roll Santa New for 2016
New Rockin Roll Santa 40284. Measures approximately 4.5" Introduced 2016 by the Merck Family's Old World Christmas
Back View 

Side View

Hang Tag:  Santa works very hard and has a really big job. So it is not unusual that he likes to take a break from all the work and take part in some rock 'n roll! Playing lead guitar for the North Pole band is a great way for Santa to have fun.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

New 2016 Old World Christmas Ornaments!

It's that time again.....time for the new 2016 Merck Family's Old World Christmas ornaments to start rolling in. We're adding new ornaments to our Trendy Ornaments website everyday and and will try to keep you updated.

Remember to order early! 
This new guy is 40281 Santa & Pixies. He's about 4 3/4" tall. 
Back View 
Side View

Hang Tag:  The legend of Santa Claus is derived from the European figure of St. Nicholas and American children s holiday poems of the 19th century. Now Santa Claus is the jolly folk hero all children dream about on Christmas Eve. He embodies childhood innocence and magical delight.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Making Cookies with Old World Christmas

Whoever manages the Old World Christmas showroom must be have the most wonder imagination! Loved how this baking display showcased so many of their adorable food related ornaments.

Love this old (and it was genuine) cookbook for kids and the candy sprinkles)) 

This image shows an old crank handle egg beater…..then right beside it, a new fancy red mixer ornament. The Stand Mixer ornament was just introduced 2015 and will be available soon at Trendy Ornaments.

This cookie sheet is filled with the Assorted Spritz Cookie and the Sugar Cookie Assortment. 

The hang tag on the Spritz Cookie reads: The Spritz Cookie glass ornaments embody one of the most popular traditions of the holiday season – creating special treats! Baking delicious cookies in festive shapes started years ago and continues on today as a favorite holiday activity.
 The hang tag on the Sugar Cookie Assortment reads:  The Sugar Cookie ornament depicts one of the most anticipated traditions of the Christmas season – the baking of eating of sweets! Creating elaborate and whimsical holiday cookies decorated with frosting and candies started years ago and continues today as a favorite family activity.

I remember well trying to operate a cookie press in my younger days. It wasn’t easy! The cookie dough had to be just right, or you couldn’t push it through the press. I had much better luck making sugar cookies with cookie cutters))

I’ll have to share my old sugar cookie recipe at the end of the post))

Next we have a baking sheet full of Cinnamon Rolls! Goodness, you can almost smell them….maybe they had some cinnamon sticks planted around this display somewhere)))

The Cinnamon Roll ornament is 32167 and was introduced in 2012. It’s hang tag reads:  The Cinnamon Roll originated in Sweden, where October 4th is known as National Cinnamon Bun Day.  Today these sweet, spicy, gooey treats are enjoyed all around the world.  Whether served at breakfast, tea time, or for a coffee break, the Cinnamon Roll is a favorite worldwide. 

The pan above contains Assorted Chocolate Cupcakes. They come with pink or white frosting with candy sprinkles on top. Isn’t that frosting realistic! Here’s an image of the whole cupcake so you can see the bottom.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie is one of my favorite ornaments. It’s number is 32143 and it was introduced in 2010. The hang tag reads: The Chocolate Chip Cookie was accidentally invented in 1930 by Ruth Wakefield in Massachusetts. She was trying to make an all chocolate cookie, but the pieces of chopped chocolate she added did not melt into the dough – the Chocolate Chip cookie was born! Today it is the most popular cookie in the U. S. with over 7 billion eaten annually!

The next image contains a collection of these sweet treats – Chocolate Chip Cookies, Spritz Cookies, Sugar Cookies and the very popular small Cupcake in pink 32032. It’s about the size of mini muffins and makes a perfect party gift. 

I love the bit of information on the hang tags…..I’ve learned so much! And I have to say I have done my share in contributing to those numbers))

Oh, I almost forgot…..gotta get that Sugar Cookie recipe for you)) This recipe is from the 1950 Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook. I can’t imagine how many times I’ve made this recipe. My mother was a firm believer in hands on teaching and she would hand me the cookbook when I was a little girl and say…have at it!

Sugar Cookies (Crispy, think, flavorful)

1/2 cup soft shortening (half butter)
3/4 cup sugar
1 egg

Mix first three items together thoroughly. Then stir in:
1 tbsp milk or cream
1 tsp flavoring (vanilla, lemon or a combination of the two)

Sift together and stir in 1 1/4 cups sifted Gold Medal flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
(typically we skipped the baking powder and salt and just used self-rising flour)

Chill dough. Roll very thin (1/16″). Cut into desired shapes. Place on lightly greased baking shee, and sprinkle with sugar. Bake until delicately browned. Hot oven (temperature 425) Back 5-7 minutes. Amount: about 5 dozen 2 1/2″ cookies.

Now…I’m not sure about oven from the 1950’s, may they were just not as well insulated as oven today…..but if I tried to bake these cookies in my oven at 425 degrees…..they would be burned to a crisp….so use your own judgement))

Here’s a couple of images right out of the cookbook. 

I have a great idea.....whip up a batch of your favorite cookies with your children or grandchildren....and give them a special cookie ornament to keep that memory alive for a long long time)))

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Deli Sandwich Ornament Display


A visit to the Merck Family’s Old World Christmas showroom in Atlanta is ….what can I say….other than WOW! Browsing through their showroom is like being a kid in a candy shop… much to see….new styles…..old favorites displayed in the most whimsical fashion. You can spend sometime and money in there)))

This image above shows an interesting way to display the Deli Sandwich….a long time favorite item along with the Peanut ornament in a football bowl. This was a tailgating type display and we’ll show you more images later. The SKU for the Deli Sandwich is 32109 and the hang tag reads: Named after the 4th Earl of Sandwich in 1762, sandwiches have been a favorite food for centuries. Known as a sub, submarine, grinder, hoagie, or hero, a sandwich made to order fresh from a deli is one of the best. Delicious and convenient, a deli sandwich is a great snack or meal anytime.

Our 2015 buying trip was a huge success and we came away with about 150 new styles…..can you believe it! 150 NEW STYLES….

On this trip, we also added the new 2015 collectible Christmas and Halloween Lights along with a couple of styles from years previous. We’ll post images of those for you later.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Final Four!

64703 Duke Hoodie

If you watched the ballgame last night……here’s a perfect keepsake for Duke fans! The Duke Hoodie Ornament from Merck Family’s Old World Christmas. Perfect keepsake.

60803 Wisconsin Hoodie

62503 Kentucky Hoodie

63803 Michigan Hoodie
 If ornaments you are interested in are showing "sold out" it's likely that they have not arrived as yet, or are in the warehouse waiting to be stocked. Just enter your email address on the product page to be notified the moment they are available for purchase at

Friday, January 30, 2015

Groundhog Day Feb 2
12412 Groundhog Ornament Old World Christmas

The Groundhog Christmas ornament is new for 2015 from Merck Family’s Old World Christmas. It’s cute as a bug and sporting a black top hat, much like the very popular groundhogs pictured in Groundhog Day celebrations.

Groundhog Day celebration started in Pennsylvania as a German custom. Groundhog Day for 2015 is February 2.

Happy Groundhog Day!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 Old World Christmas Visit


A visit to the Merck Family’s Old World Christmas showroom in Atlanta is ….what can I say….other than WOW! Browsing through their showroom is like being a kid in a candy shop… much to see….new styles…..old favorites displayed in the most whimsical fashion. You can spend some time and money in there)))

This image above shows an interesting way to display the Deli Sandwich….a long time favorite item along with the Peanut ornament in a football bowl. This was a tailgating type display and we’ll show you more images later.

Our 2015 buying trip was a huge success and we came away with about 150 new styles…..can you believe it! 150 NEW STYLES…..and that doesn’t count the many other popular ornaments that we were sold out of. You’ll find them all back in stock in just a few weeks.

On this trip, we also added the new 2015 collectible Christmas and Halloween Lights along with a couple of styles from years previous. We’ll post images of those for you later.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trendy Ornaments is on Facebook! Please drop by our's sort of new, but we'll be posting updates and ornament facts that you won't want to miss!

Be sure to "like" the page while you're there and please do share the link with your friends. Thanks!

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Mother's Fruitcake

Note: This is a blog post from a while back, but I was just working on the Fruitcake Christmas ornament page and it brought my mother’s fruitcake to mind)))
Well it’s Christmas Day and you may be wondering…..why is this person sitting at a computer, blogging on Christmas day? At our house, it’s the quiet after the storm….the grands, daughter and son in law have gone to spend time with his family, our extended family get togethers were done yesterday….the shop is closed for a day or two giving us a break from Trendy Tree……so what else could I do……make my Mother’s fruitcake)))

My Mother has been gone now for over 10 years….but my memories of her Christmas fruitcake are still fresh as yesterday. You may be thinking….well….it’s it a little LATE to be making a Christmas fruitcake…..especially if the family dinners are over……yes, I’m selfish…..and that’s all I have to say about that.

The ingredients to this cake are simple……and measurements are not exact, but basically here they are:

1 Box of Graham crackers
1 Jar of Maraschino cherries
1 Jar marshmallow cream
1 Cup of pecans
1 Cup of raisins
Sweetened condensed milk, or Pet Milk…..just in case more moisture is needed

First step is to crush up the Graham crackers. Now…on my ingredients I buy store brand for a lot of things, but for this I prefer Nabisco Honey Maid Graham crackers. They’re just crisper and have a better taste. I’ve seen my mother make this cake with vanilla wafers too instead of Graham crackers.

Be careful taking the crackers out of the box, because you need to keep the box to pack you cake bake in. So remove the crackers and prepare the box by cutting it and lining with waxed paper or parchment paper. 

Next, crush up the Graham crackers. I like to use a food processor for this. Crush to the consistency of something like cornmeal.

This is really just too simple! Next just add the rest of the ingredients. But first, I like to take the pecans and very lightly. Just long enough to heat through and through. This just enhances their flavor. Be very careful and don’t burn!

Once the pecans have cooled, just break them up a bit, you want coarse chunks and leave some of them whole.

Add the raisins and cherries, leaving the cherries whole. Reserve the cherry juice in case you need extra moisture toward the end.

Toss this together and add your marshmallow cream. You can also melt a large bag of marshmallows and use that just as well. Mix together well and if it seems a little dry and not sticking together well….add a little of the reserved cherry juice….sweetened condensed milk or Pet milk. I used cherry juice in this cake, maybe 1/4 to 1/3 cup.

If I had been making two cakes, I would have probably used the sweetened condensed milk or Pet milk….but since I didn’t need that much liquid….I just used the cherry juice.

Mix together with your hands until you get a consistence that will stick together and form ball.

Spoon the cake into your wax paper-lined box and press it firmly with your hands. It will all fit back into the box….don’t worry))))

One thing I almost forgot……reserve a few of your whole cherries and pecan halves for decoration…….I had to go back to dig a few cherries out!

Now, this is the hard part……cover the fruitcake with wax paper, close the box and store in the refrigerator for several hours, or overnight.

Told you this was the hard part…….course… has been a couple of hours now since I put mine in the frig……..maybe I should just check to see how it’s firming up…….sure……..bbl.

If you have a special fruitcake recipe or special memories….or even memories of the fruitcake that would NEVER GO AWAY…’s a great ornament to put on your tree. I promise it will bring a smile every time you view it))