Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Gift Idea - A Treasure from the Past Gifted with Something New


Matt, even though he is the youngest grandchild, really likes to look at things from our past. We have an old metal spinning top toy that belonged to my husband, Matt’s grandfather. He has this toy has a child and it’s something we have managed to keep up with for all these years. It’s a spinning top from the 1940’s or 1950’s and has spaceships on it and it still spins! It might be worth a few dollars but it's a much more valuable memory.

As we continue to work on downsizing in our retirement, my plan is to give this to Matt this year and his Mom can put it in a safe place for him, but his gift will also contain the Vintage Toy Top from Old World Christmas. That way he'll have something to keep and something to enjoy now as he hangs the ornament on their special "ornament tree."

44066 Vintage Toy Top Ornament

The trick to selecting ornaments for Christmas, is to plan throughout the year. And an excellent way to find a specific ornament when an idea arises, is to shop Trendy Ornaments!

We have ornaments for all occasions….all year long)) Don’t wait until a few weeks before Christmas, because you’ll struggle to come up with something special. Buy it when the idea hits you and just set it aside in a special place, ready to be gift wrapped for Christmas.

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