Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Flashlight Christmas Ornament 32248

The first flashlight lit up the skies of New York City in the 1890s and was called the electric torch.

Invented by Russian immigrant, Conrad Hubert, the first flashlights used crude components and produced only a brief flash of light, which is how they got their name.

What kid, no matter how old, doesn't like getting a flashlight! I know my grandchildren can never go wrong by sticking a flashlight, any size, in their box of goodies.

And it never fails....when we go to the beach, they come running to "NeNe" for a flashlight to go crabbing at night. I always pack three or four of course.....and threaten them with their lives if they don't return my flashlights! You do the same don't you))))

This Flashlight Christmas ornament from Old World Christmas would make a perfect gift for my grands.....gosh I would need three!
Flashlight 32248

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