Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Christmas Ornaments Make Great Halloween Goodies for Trick or Treat!

A perfect time to give those special kids goodies at Halloween is present them with a keepsake ornament. Something that frames the memory of that Halloween for years to come.

The 10179 Princess ornament from Old World Christmas, is just perfect for our own little “Belle.”


The Princess ornament comes in three different colors and the hang tag reads: “Once upon a time……” and “they lived happily ever after……” are thrilling and familiar phrases in fairy tales. Kings, queens, princes and princesses inhabit these enchanting stories. What imaginative little girl hasn’t dreamed of being a Princess herself? Honor dreams with this special keepsake.

If you have a “tiger” in your backyard jungle, your choices of a matching ornament are even greater! 

This full body Tiger  comes from Old World Christmas. This ornament has been very popular and available for a few years now. The SKU number is 12115 and it measures about 5.” It also is made of mouth blown, hand painted glass. 

The hang tag on the 12115 Tiger ornament reads: Tigers embody grace, beauty, and power, and are able to move silently through the brush. Since Tigers can see in the dark, they also signify illumination. In the Chinese zodiac, Tigers are generous, courageous, enthusiastic, and lucky risk-takers.

You might also find a monkey in your backyard! Old World Christmas has an adorable Chimpanzee ornament, 12112, scratching it’s head and holding a banana.


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