Thursday, June 3, 2010

Piece of Cake Christmas Ornament Review

Review from Julie P. NJ

I bought a slice of white cake with white frosting and the slice of chocolate cake with white frosting for my Christmas tree 2009. As soon as it came I hung it on the tree along with all the other pieces I bought here from Trendy Tree. EVERYONE who came to my house made a beeline for my tree & wanted to know WHERE I got such lifelike pieces. Sooo adorable! Looks like you cut it off your cake plate and hung it on your tree with added sparkles of course! ;-)Simply gorgeous. You cannot go wrong with Old World Christmas or the Pence Family behind TRENDY TREE! AWESOME people to deal with! Too bad I am in NJ and far away or I would trek to their farm for my Christmas tree! You WON"T be sorry. You cannot go wrong with anything by Old World Christmas!

Absolutely NO CONS except the ornaments are glass. So do without these beautiful heirlooms? NO WAY! Hang glass ornaments higher up and wrap a steel wire (braided fishing line slowly STRETCHES :-( )around the middle trunk of your tree in a 2 corner V-shaped wall held with a long screw if you have younger children or CATS in the family! I have BOTH!(I cover the 2 screws all year with a family picture strategically hung near the tree spot.) Taking a few extra minutes to secure my tree results in a very Merry Christmas with NO crazy cat/toddler plotted/schemed and giggly/giddily assisted disasters and ER/Vet visits on Christmas Eve! PRICELESS!!

Shop Trendy Tree for great ornaments from Merck Family's Old World Christmas.

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