Saturday, April 17, 2010

Display your Christmas Ornaments in Floral Arrangements all Year Long!

A decorative way to display your collection of ornaments all year long is to mix in your ornaments with floral arrangement or centerpiece. This deep red Canadian Maple Leaf ornament can be positioned in your arrangement by using small wooden dowel or plush stems from the craft store. The cap can be removed by gently squeezing the round prong and pulling out. Wooden or stem that will fit the ornament can be secured with a bit of tape and covered with raffia or other ribbon. Or, you can leave the crown on and use plush pipe cleaners to secure to your arrangement and cover this with ribbon or raffia. It just depends on how you want to position your ornament.

If you ever lose the crown for your ornament, just let us know. We keep all our extras from broken ornaments. We would be happy to send you one.

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