Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hotty Toddy!

Nine, read it....NINE great new ornaments from Old World Christmas.....all for University of Mississippi....or as we say "OLE MISS"


Well....guess I can admit that Ole Miss is my alma mater along with my avid football fan son in law and three grandchildren that are falling right into his and my daughter's footsteps. Suppose they can guess what will be in their Christmas stockings this year!
 Ole Miss Pennant 64006

 Christmas Stocking 64008

 Christmas Wreath 64009

 Cheer Megaphone 64010

Mississippi Snowman 64005

Mississippi Hoodie 64003

Ole Miss Jersey 64002 (hmmmm wasn't that Eli Manning's number.....just saying...)
Basketball 64001
Football 64000

No Bears allowed!!

Hotty Toddy!!

Visit us at Trendy Tree to see many more new styles from Old World Christmas for 2011!

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