Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cash Cow Christmas Ornament

The Cash Cow
Cash Cow Christmas Ornament
12265 Merck Family's Old World Christmas
Introduced 2011
Made of mouth blown, hand painted glass. Measures approximately 4"

According to Wikipedia: In business, a cash cow is a product or a business unit that generates unusually high profit margins: so high that it is responsible for a large amount of a company's operating profit. This profit far exceeds the amount necessary to maintain the cash cow business, and the excess is used by the business for other purposes.

"Cash cow" is also used sarcastically by sales & business people to describe a customer or organization that has no control over its spending. Quite often used to describe government departments like: Foreign Aid; Highways & Social Security, where the spending is out of proportion to the services or goods received
Arriving soon to Trendy Tree!

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