Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tailgating with Old World Christmas!

Take a peek into the Old World Christmas Showroom and browse through the tailgating section......makes you hungry doesn't it!

Platters of Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, and Deli Sandwiches, Popcorn and Peanuts! Yummy! Look at the open box of Pizza in the corner.......

The Tailgating Zone has garlands covered with Footballs, Basketballs, Soccer Ball, all sorts of Collegiate Jerseys, Pennants, Snowmen and Wreaths. The Collegiate section is a huge new section at Old World this year. They started with just a few footballs last year.....and this year it has exploded!

Visit Trendy Tree to see more ornaments from Old World Christmas. Hotty Toddy!

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