Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Halloween Ornaments on Display at Old World Christmas!

Take another peek into the Merck Family Old World Christmas Showrooms! Browse these spooktacular displays of their Halloween creations.

Bony skeleton surrounded by Halloween ornaments, cards and pictures all from Merck Family's Old World Christmas. Do I see a Shiny Red Heart inside that rib cage?? Small Skull ornaments hanging from the candle holder. Martini glass filled with eye balls....hope they're not fresh!

Old World Christmas Halloween Ornaments

Grapevine garland dripping with all sorts of Halloween ornaments, Funny Pumpkins, Mummies, Frankenstein, Mr. Moon, Maple Leaves, Witches on Broomsticks, Witches with Cauldrons. Clear glass containers holding red Devil Heads and Skulls, miniatures hanging from candle stands.

Old World Christmas Halloween ornaments

Halloween is a great time to give Old World Christmas ornaments as treats for your favorite Trick or Treaters......and no sugar! You could wrap them up in clear cellophane with a little bunch of paper shreds and tie with orange and black ribbon or even use the clear Trick or Treat bags.

trick or treaters
Oh my.....who's that knocking at my door???

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