Sunday, September 13, 2015

Deli Sandwich Ornament Display


A visit to the Merck Family’s Old World Christmas showroom in Atlanta is ….what can I say….other than WOW! Browsing through their showroom is like being a kid in a candy shop… much to see….new styles…..old favorites displayed in the most whimsical fashion. You can spend sometime and money in there)))

This image above shows an interesting way to display the Deli Sandwich….a long time favorite item along with the Peanut ornament in a football bowl. This was a tailgating type display and we’ll show you more images later. The SKU for the Deli Sandwich is 32109 and the hang tag reads: Named after the 4th Earl of Sandwich in 1762, sandwiches have been a favorite food for centuries. Known as a sub, submarine, grinder, hoagie, or hero, a sandwich made to order fresh from a deli is one of the best. Delicious and convenient, a deli sandwich is a great snack or meal anytime.

Our 2015 buying trip was a huge success and we came away with about 150 new styles…..can you believe it! 150 NEW STYLES….

On this trip, we also added the new 2015 collectible Christmas and Halloween Lights along with a couple of styles from years previous. We’ll post images of those for you later.

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