Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ida B. Wells Arts and Crafts Festival and Birthday Celebration Holly Springs, MS

July 15-17, Holly Springs, MS.

Arts, crafts, creative dance, music, soul food and history. Eddie L. Smith Multipurpose Center. Banquet 7 pm July 16, 2011 Hudsonville Life Center.

A couple of years ago I visited the Ida B. Wells Museum in Holly Springs and it was a very interesting place. The folks who worked there were very enthusiastic and guided me through the tour. The museum is housed in an old antebellum home in Holly Springs.

 Spires Bolling/Gatewood House-Ida B. Wells Museum (photo from museum website)

Great information about Ms. Wells and the Museum history can be found at their website: Ida B. Wells Memorial Foundation

On my visit there, one of the artifacts I especially remember was an old cotton pick sack. It looked like about one of the 7 or 8 ft sacks. I wish I had taken a photograph of it and have looked high and low for a photo somewhere of a pick sack but haven’t found one. If you have one, I’d really appreciate it if you would share.
Old time crafts….quilting, hand sewn clothing… forms that will never go out of style)))

old world christmas quilt square christmas ornament
Old World Christmas has captured the art form of hand made quilts in this new Quilt Square Christmas ornament, just introduced in 2011.

The Hang Tag reads: As a creative and beautiful art form, quilting combines fabrics, shapes and threads to produce richly patterned products. In the old days, sample blocks were made as a way to record patterns. Women kept their own sample block collections to share and exchange patterns with neighbors and relatives.

Great keepsake for the quilter or for someone who has loving memories of handmade quilts. I have another Blog entry about my memories of old quilts….that feeling of heaviness as quilt after quilt was spread on top of the bed to keep us warm… squirming around in my grandmother’s bed……quilts were too heavy!

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