Friday, February 11, 2011

The Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole Clip on Bird Ornament 18059

Birds are symbols of joy and happiness so they are regarded as a necessity on the Christmas tree. With its striking orange and black plumage, the Oriole, is a favorite among bird watchers and is eagerly awaited each spring migration.

Wikipedia: Adults have a pointed bill and white bars on the wings. The adult male is orange on the underparts, shoulder patch and rump. All of the rest of the male is black. The adult female is yellow-brown on the upper parts with darker wings, and dull orange on the breast and belly.

Baltimore Orioles forage in trees and shrubs, also making short flights to catch insects. They mainly eat insects, berries and nectar, and are often seen sipping at hummingbird feeders. . Baltimore Orioles are also fond of halved oranges, grape jelly.

The male sings a loud flutey whistle that often gives away the bird's location before any sighting can be made.

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