Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tool Set - Perfect Gift for Your Little Bob the Builder....or Destroyer...

This Three Piece Tool Set from Old World has simply the most unique ornaments! It includes a Claw Hammer, Crescent Wrench and Pipe Wrench. All these ornaments are also sold individually or in this set. The box is more of just a carton rather than a keepsake box so you might want to package the ornaments with a Tonka truck, tractor or little wooden tool chest. Toys for now......keepsakes for later)))

The ornaments are uniquely detailed with a bit of history on each hang tag. 

The Crescent Wrench: The crescent wrench was invented in 1907. The name refers to its shaped head and it is a basic in most toolboxes. In fact, Charles Lindberg said -- all he brought on his 1927 solo trans-Atlantic flight were "gasoline, sandwiches, a bottle of water, and a Crescent Wrench and some pliers."

The Claw Hammer: The Claw Hammer is one of the oldest and most used tools. From construction sites to home projects, they are a true necessity. Carpenters view hammers as a personal tool, an extension of themselves, and are loyal to their favorite.

The Pipe Wrench: The Pipe Wrench, or Stillson wrench, was patented in 1869. It is an adjustable wrench used for turning soft iron pipes and fittings. With its teeth angled in the direction of the turn, its jaws become tighter with any forward pressure on the handle. It is a must for any tool box!

Old World Christmas ornaments are very educational in addition to adding to your holiday cheer!

Visit us at Trendy Tree and browse though the hundreds of selections of Old World Christmas'll find plenty of ornaments to fill your tool box, craft basket, or trunk!

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