Monday, September 13, 2010

Halloween Ornaments

A great item to package and give as a Halloween treat instead of candy, is an Old World Christmas Ornament. Here's a few suggestions for your Halloween tree!

The Raven 18019

Ravens are some of the most intelligent birds and are able to mimic many sounds. Because of this they are considered wise and to possess powers of prophesy. In the Bible, ravens fed the prophet Elijah, and so they are considered to be symbols of God's providing.

The Lil' Goblin is new for 2010 and comes in a creamy white color which gives it an antique like look. A very sweet little ornament. The hang tag has this information: Jack O'Lanterns come from the Irish legend of Stingy Jack; a man so mean the devil wouldn't let him into hell. He was forced to roam the earth using a carved turnip with a piece of coal for a lantern and was called "Jack of the Lantern." Thus began the carving of pumpkins as Jack O'Lanterns to place in windows to scare away evil spirits.

A great way to package your ornaments to give as a treat is to use our new clear cello rolls with pumpkins. Nestle the ornament in a bed of shredded kraft paper on a square of cello and gather up around the ornament, tie with natural raffia or orange and black ribbon. Makes a really "sweet" treat .....with no tooth decay!
Pumpkin Cello Roll 24" x 100'

Kraft Paper Shreds 6 oz

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