Friday, August 27, 2010

More Ornaments on the Way to Trendy Tree!

More of some of our long awaiting ornaments are in route this week! The Asparagus, Bass Drum and Chickadee.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why some styles arrive sooner than others. All of the above ornaments are old styles, you would think there would always be plenty of those in stock. Go figure!

My reason for saying this, is if you're interested in something don't delay too long on making your purchase if it's one of those "perfect" for what you need items! In this day of the internet, you never know how many other potential buyers are looking at the same item! Christmas ornaments are an example of a product that retailers can't simply restock when they run out. 

We have three customers who have been waiting on the Bass Drum for months now. Yes, they probably could have found it from another retailer, but they are loyal customers and willing to wait for our product to arrive. We appreciate our customers so much! There just isn't enough ways to show them. At Trendy Tree do we coupons frequently for discounts, free shipping etc, but being on online seller you just don't have that opportunity for customers to experience a warm smile or friendly handshake. How do you bottle that and give to your customers online? It's a dilemma.....

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