Sunday, December 27, 2009

Collegiate Christmas Ornaments!

The Merck Family's Old World Christmas now offers it's officially licensed collegiate glass ornament collection!

This January, the company that revitalized the art of fine glass ornaments when it reintroduced figural glass ornaments to the United States in 1979, will unveil an extensive line of collegiate keepsakes. Just like it's traditional line of glass ornaments, these collegiate pieces offer exceptional quality, selection and value for students, fans and alumni everywhere.

LSU - University of Arkansas - University of Alabama - Auburn University - University of California - Clemson University  - Florida State University - University of Georgia - University of Colorado - Georgia Institute of Technology - University of Kansas - University of Illinois - University of Kentucky - University of Louisville - Kansas State University - University of Maryland - University of Michigan - University of Miami - University of Minnesota - University of Nebraska - University of Missouri - University of Oklahoma - Oklahoma State University - University of Oregon - Purdue University  - Oregon  State University - University of South Carolina - Stanford University - University of Tennessee - University of Texas - Texas Tech University - University of Washington - University of Virginia - Washington State University - University of West Virginia - University of Wisconsin


  1. Looking for specific Merck Old World Christmas Inside Art Ornament with Angel and Harp. About 5" tall.
    Anywhere to find catalog?

  2. I'm not familiar with that particular ornament and I've checked with Old World Christmas. Even though all the "inside art" ornaments have been retired, some are still available for dealers to purchase. I didn't see anything by that description. Your best best might be to do a search on eBay. There are several sellers there that carry Old World Christmas ornaments. To my knowledge, there is no catalog of retired ornaments, only the newly published dealer catalog that comes out every year. The catalog includes only current items. Thanks for the inquiry!